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Mc-Rix Industries is one of the leading Indian manufacturer and Exporter of Automotive additives like All Premium Grades of Anti-Freeze Radiator Coolants, Heat Transfer Fluids, Radiator Flush and Adhesives. We offer high quality additives to serve various segments such as automotive, and engineering and several such other industries.

Our activities production, adhesive , sealant, Automobile, Tapes, Hardware Tools, Specialized Coating, Solvents, Medicinal Consumable and Information Technology. In each of these areas, we are committed to innovation-led, exponential growth. Our vision has pushed us to achieve our goals in many of our businesses – including our position as the finest adhesive and automobile additive producer in the world. Mc-Rix Industries is a Fortune company and the one of the largest private sector corporation in India.

As Mc-Rix sets sights on even more ambitious goals, we remain inspired and guided by the talent and philosophy of our Managing Director Mr. Khubesh Punjabi's. Hailing from modest means, he followed his dream to create one of India's largest company. Mc-Rix as an organization has adopted this ethos of converting adversity into opportunity and making the impossible possible by challenging conventional wisdom.

Our ultimate aim has always been – and will always be – to touch the lives of people in a positive way.

Research and Development

We have been regular supplier of our products in several regions such as Middle East, Africa, Sri Lanka & Nepal. Our premium products are marketed under the brand name ‘Mc-Rix’ in all the regions.

But after “Make-in-India” Concept by Our Honorable Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi, We have started to expand our business in India by appointing distributors through India.

Our Market

Mc-Rix Industries is continuously involved in the process of innovation by Research and Development to keep pace with the upgraded and upcoming technology.

The R&D helps the company to introduce new products by modified technology and latest chemistry to address the ever changing market demands and requirements.

Custom Manufacturing

In today’s world of branding and concept marketing, it may not be necessary for one company to produce every chemical. So we at McRix Industries produce various additives for different companies and rebrand them on contractual basis. We manufacture products for various Equipment manufacturers and Service providers who market the products in their own brand name while being assured of the consistent and superior quality of product.


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We work hard every day to be the most admired manufacturing Industry in the world, and to help nos of lives by adding more manufacturing units in India as well as worldwide. we have dream to provide outstanding products that, together deliver premium services and product to our custom. our organization's main mission is to make better everyday for the people as much as we can.


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Our strategy starts with our vision - our view of the world in which we operate:
We have a vision to Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. we dream to remove unemployment from this earth by providing employment to as many we can. our mission is to develop relationships that make positive difference in our customers life.

Our Team

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